Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TIP: Google drilling into your subject

Finding your audience online is an essential element of any publicity effort for your book. Particularly for nonfiction titles. But lots o' luck finding, via Google or any other search engine, the discussion group, blog or site specific for your subject. Type in, say, coal mining tools, and you'll have to sift through sites for equipment, unions, history, and so on and on.

Here's a tip from Ms. Obie Joe: Be more specific. "Oh, really?," you'd say. Like this:
Instead of: "coal mining tools."
Try: "coal mining tools discussion groups."
Or try: "coal mining tools blogs."

Once you start to collect sites of use, bounce off each site's links, or blogroll. When you google, type in: www.(the link):the site.com. Or via Yahoo, it would be: www.search.yahoo.com, and then enter link:http://www.thesite.com.

Of course there's also the personal approach: e-mail the site's author and ask them for best links to sites that love...coal mining tools.

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