Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ya got a speech in that book?

Last year, several publishers announced the formation of Speakers Bureaus, including HarperCollins and Penguin.
There was some grumbling amongst authors about which author would be asked to speak, and who would pocket any speaking fees.
While those are details of some relevance, Obie Joe is focused on the expansion of venues, and the customization of appearances for authors. Plus, for elderly books older than six months, the Speaker’s Bureau expands a book’s life and audience reach.
This again highlights the importance of authors, particularly those in nonfiction, to develop two or three topics on which you, dear author, are the speaker.
Write them down right now. Perhaps start with a chapter title, and then write down the bullet points, and then the relevant facts on each.
If your publisher does not have a Speaker’s Bureau, or if your publisher does not open the Bureau to your book, then start your own Speaker’s Bureau. Once you’ve developed that topic, put together a flier, and mail to your a target audience. Friend of Libraries groups. Lions Club. Conventions. Your only limit may be geographical.
There’s your speech. There’s your next book promotion.

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