Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Zooming your book's Amazon presence

Though there are some publishers who would prefer their customers to circumvent Amazon and bring their sales direct to their web sites, fact is, Amazon is one of the easiest ways for your potential reader to find and buy your book.

That said, Amazon is the king of the hill in search engines, so it does behoove you, dear author, to maximize your position on Amazon:

• Add a blog. Or as Amazon calls it, a "plog." It's connected to Amazon Daily, and an author can add many features: author photo, RSS feed, comments block, and of course, links a mile.
• Make sure to include all of your industry reviews. If not Publishers Weekly, how about Midwest Book Review?
• Add more reviews. Don't feel hesitant to ask friends and family to contribute reviews. Ideally, Obie Joe likes at least 8 reviews, enough for two pages' worth.
• Add a "search suggestion." To increase the likelihood that your "search suggestion" will be approved by Amazon, don't submit more than 2-3 yourself; have your husband, family submit others.

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