Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slide the card over

Last week a client completed a bounty of interviews for his new book, a photo narrative with a lengthy title, and a little known name for the publisher.

Not surprisingly, each interviewer gave the book his or her own title. And mangled the publisher's name to boot.

Which is why we advocate closing the interview with the "card slide." Use your bookmark postcard. This card is a simple compendium of information: book title, author name, brief bio, web site, and where to order the book, if it's a small press book. As you're thanking the interviewer for a lovely time, slide over the card.

Yes, the interviewer has your press kit, and their research, but trust me, at deadline, when the journalist is making sure the title is right, your card will be pulled.

(And if your interview was by phone,"slide" over the card via e-mail.)

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