Monday, February 18, 2008

Serious conversation about serious black lit

A book is about an idea. Sometimes about one person's idea, but more often, a book contains ideas derived from conversations from dozens.

For black-identified literature -- meaning, books inspired by the black experience -- Mr. Obie Joe has sought to participate in more conversations. Frankly, it's been a tough going; there's not enough of it, and much of it feels confined to arch categories.

That's one reason the Mr. Joe is very happy to hear of the ringShout blog. The kick-off party was just a few weeks ago. Led by novelist Martha Southgate, the group of book sellers, writers and publishers hope to move the conversation in many ways, including a booklist, reviews, and tool kit for authors. (Thanks to fellow Baltimorean Felicia Pride for the tip).

The content is a bit light right now, so just bookmark the site and check back:

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