Thursday, September 3, 2009

TIP: Be a cultural filter

Several decades ago -- well, it seems so -- Ms. Obie Joe was a new parent, and unwise to procuring the good influences for children. As in, what were the actual good books for kids. Ones that entertained without pandering, intrigued without scaring, and soothed without boring.

This being the 90's, without the web, recommendations were gotten piecemeal from librarians, other parents, or something heard. Then Ms. Obie Joe got her hands on the Chinaberry catalog. It was, and remains, one of the best filters for the surfeit of children's books in the library.

Beyond reading with some satisfaction of the predictable drama of someone's life, most of us read blogs for the type of information that's a quick tip, a secret, a new crush. Like Chinaberry, your blog can be an essential filter for readers, inspiring them to return repeatedly. Tell readers about the new book, the best hat, the spiciest sauce.

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