Monday, October 1, 2007

A book publicist is like?

Book publicists are like wolverines.

Wolverines are known for having only two modes of locomotion. Stop. Or, ambush. Wolverines don't walk, they don't mosey. They are on full speed or not.

It's an image for Authors to consider when working with their publicist. By trade, publicists are busy people, with thousands of details, never done, swirling around. A publicist tends to give you her undivided attention or not at all. So, if a publicist has your book in full attention, thunder of Thor, keep the momentum going. Respond to every e-mail immediately, return ev every phone call, and do what she tells you to do.

If you delay in your response, you run the risk of setting your publicist on stop, or worse, on ambush for another client.

We publicists can be a distractible lot. Or at least the good ones are.

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