Thursday, December 18, 2008

Absolute, unquantifiable heartbreak

Irvin Mayfield, Jr. and Ms. Obie Joe agree on one thing: a library system is one of the breathing manifestations of the Constitution. A city's greatest measure of success is its library system.

Within weeks after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Public Library staff plunged their hands in the muck to retrieve what books could be cleaned, and make space for what books were needed. The libraries were one of the first municipal systems to open after the disaster, and in large part to these knowledgeable, passionate people within the library system.

Well, most of them have been canned, courtesy of the NOPL chairman of the board, jazzman Irvin Mayfield, Jr. In today's Times-Picayune article, the questions being raised about the health of the library system just make Ms. Obie wanna pitch a mud-caked book at a certain pint-sized player.

There are few greater sins than limiting access to the written word, sez Ms. Obie Joe.

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