Sunday, December 14, 2008

TIP: Aw, just send it already

If the book moves us, many times Obie Joe Media will take on a book most publicists would consider small fry, by audience, or potential sales.

If you're an author unsure about hiring your own publicist, because you had faith your publisher would take of everything, or because you worried about affording the costs yourself, or other reasons, don't worry. We've happy to work with you.

There's just one thing. Sure, it's great we can talk about your book via e-mail or phone, but nothing can replace the sight of the book. If you are that interested, and we say we might be interested, send us that book. Too many times Ms. Obie Joe has struggled to send an estimate of services w/out seeing the book, and it's an odd and ultimately unsuccessful experience.

Ya want to know if we want u? Send the book. (P.O. Box 24610, Baltimore, MD 21214)

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